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Seventeen-year-old Lokita and twelve-year-old Tori (in remarkable debut performances from Pablo Schils and Joely Mbundu), two immigrants — from Benin and Cameroon, respectively — struggling for survival on the margins of society.

The inseparable pair work as performers in a cheap trattoria, dealing drugs on the side for the restaurant’s abusive cook, while balancing the demands of an indifferent bureaucracy and a band of violent smugglers. When Lokita is held captive while working in a marijuana grow house, Tori scrambles to save his companion from their abusers, as events spiral out of control.

Tori and Lokita

(Tori et Lokita)

|| 2022 || Drama || 88′

Release DateMarch 24, 2023
Rating ►

Distributor ► Janus Films

Jean-Pierre; Luc Dardenne.

— CAST —
Pablo Schils; Joely Mbundu; Alban Ukaj; Tijmen Govaerts; Charlotte De Bruyne; Nadège Ouedraogo; Marc Zinga.

2022 || 75th Cannes Film Festival

・75th AWARD