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Pietro (Luca Marinelli) and Bruno (Alessandro Borghi), first meet as children when Pietro’s Milan family vacations in an isolated village at the base of the Alpine slopes. As they mature, Pietro becomes estranged from his business-minded father (Filippo Timi) even as Bruno—emotionally abandoned by his own father—takes up the role of surrogate son.

Pietro’s father’s death reunites the two in realizing his dream of constructing a cabin on the Alps, and the project and subsequent explorations of the awe-inspiring mountain range bond Pietro and Bruno in a shared purpose. Yet despite their connection, the purity of nature and the demands of society both threaten to drive the men to pursue different, possibly irrevocably divergent paths on the vertiginous terrain of life.

The Eight Mountains

(Le otto montagne)

|| 2023 || Drama || 147′

Release DateApril 28, 2023
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Distributor ► Janus Films

Felix van Groeningen; Charlotte Vandermeersch.

— CAST —
Luca Marinelli; Alessandro Borghi; Lupo Barbiero; Cristiano Sassella; Elisabetta Mazzullo; Andrea Palma; Surakshya Panta; Elena Lietti; Filippo Timi; Elisa Zanotto; Chiara Jorrioz