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Sandy and Bo are young college lovers from opposite ends. After Sandy is presented with an opportunity to be a social media influencer and travel the world, Bo must choose between his dream job as an assistant director for a Hollywood movie, or losing his dream girl. Fortunately for Bo, Sandy convinces “Sex Wax,” her surfing and social media sponsor, to hire Bo to film her content. Before leaving for their jobs and dropping out of college, Bo introduces Sandy to his mom, a pot farmer in rural California. His mom, Linda, falls in love with Sandy immediately, and convinces Bo to fly to Chicago for Thanksgiving to meet Sandy’s family.

Sandy’s dad, bar owner Mark Berzins, has seen decades of relationships-gone-wrong, and is determined to poke some holes in this one. A well-intentioned investigation into the new boyfriend leads to awkward misunderstandings, spilled secrets, and heartwarming moments.

Most Guys Are Losers

|| 2022 || Comedy・Drama || 91′

Release DateNovember 25, 2022
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Distributor ► Gravitas Ventures

Eric Ustian

— CAST —
Andy Buckley; Mira Sorvino; Michael Provost; Grace Caroline Currey; Keith David; Paul Sorvino; Belmont Cameli; Aiden Berzins; Avery Moss; Sander Thomas.