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The story of Aimée, a young professional photographer whose job it is to follow boss Gustav, a world-famous photographer himself. As the holidays approach, Aimée receives notice that her family’s traditional Christmas celebrations are under threat, as her late mother is no longer around to host.

Breaking away from her high-pressure job, Aimée returns to Mistletoe Ranch for the first time in seven years to see what is threatening the family’s festivities. There, she must face her ex-fiancé James and a perilous financial situation. Forced to work side-by-side to save the ranch, recent bitterness subsides as old feelings of affection emerge.

Mistletoe Ranch

|| 2022 || Romance || 89′

Release DateDecember 01, 2022
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Distributor ► Blue Fox Entertainment

Rhiannon Bannenbeg

— CAST —
Mercy Cornwall; Jordi Webber; Molly Belle Wright; Charles Allen; Kimberley Joseph; Ellie Popov; Trent Owers; Andrea Moor.