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Kristin (Tony Collette) is facing a slew of challenges. Her only son is desperate to leave for college, her boss is a sexist pig, and she just caught her unsuccessful, musician husband cheating with a groupie. That’s when she receives a life changing phone call from Bianca (Monica Bellucci), her estranged grandfather’s trusted consigliere, telling her he is dead and she must attend the funeral in Italy. Egged on by Jenny, her outspoken best friend and lawyer, Kristin is persuaded this is exactly what she needs – a free trip to Europe full of pasta, wine, and beautiful men.

The trip gets off to a perfect start but when her grandfather’s funeral explodes into a bloody gunfight, she finally learns the truth. Kristin isn’t just there to meet the family, she is there to be the new boss of the fiercest Mafia family in Calabria. Guided by Bianca, Kristin must take the reins of this organisation and find out what she is really made of.

Mafia Mamma

|| 2023 || Comedy・Action || 101’

Release DateApril 14, 2023
Rating ► [ R ] Bloody violence, sexual content and language.

Bleecker Street

Catherine Hardwicke

— CAST —
Toni Collette; Monica Bellucci; Alessandro Bressanello; Eduardo Scarpetta; Tommy Rodger; Tim Daish; Jay Natelle; Yonv Joseph; Mitch Salm; Claire Palazzo; Sophia Nomvete.