|| 2022 –
Comedy · Drama

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Episodes [ 04 ]

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HOLDING is a comedy-drama detective series set in the remote fictional village of Duneen at the tip of West Cork. A place with its own climate, behaviours, and secrets. Our hero, Sergeant PJ Collins, is an introvert and permanent “blow-in” in his village, though he’s been there fifteen years. PJ finds it hard to connect with others and so keeps to himself while a mistake from his past eats him from the inside.

When the body of long-lost, local lothario Tommy Burke is discovered, PJ has to solve a serious crime for the first time in his career. PJ quickly finds himself entwined in the lives of two of Tommy’s ex-loves, Brid Riordan and Evelyn Ross, two very different women who awaken very different sides of PJ.

As the town’s long-buried shame starts to rise to the surface, PJ will have to overcome his own demons and engage his huge well of empathy to get close to people again, in order to solve the murder – and heal his heart.

Based on the novel by Graham Norton, written by Dominic Treadwell-Collins and Karen Cogan

— Directed By —
Kathy Burke
— Cast —
Conleth Hill; Brenda Fricker; Siobhan McSweeney; Charlene McKenna; Helen Behan; Pauline McLynn; Clinton Liberty.