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A group of old friends gathers to celebrate ALBERT and ADA’s engagement. On the first evening, Albert reveals his latest invention, DEBORAH — his own take on Siri. The friends ask her to predict the weather, write a song, fact check arguments — all of the usual questions. But then Ada accidentally shatters a wine bottle and everyone freezes. Literally. Except Ada and Albert. Turns out Deborah can pause and rewind time. But that’s their secret. For now.

The weekend continues. Tensions surface. Albert pines for an old crush. Ada watches. Patience runs low. Someone knocks a lamp over, almost crushing Ada’s dog. Ada freezes time but it resumes before she puts him back in place. Deborah’s secret is out. The friends swear they won’t take advantage. But they find themselves exploiting these “rewinds” for their own benefit, knowing they can take things back. Deborah rewinds. Rewinds. Rewinds.

But while rewinding time erases the memories themselves, it leaves behind emotional scars. The weekend speeds forward, the friends continuing to act out, until DEBORAH’s had enough, refusing to rewind. The turmoil is too much – culminating in a showdown where these friends confront each other honestly for the first (and possibly last) time.


|| 2022 || Comedy • Drama • Sci-Fi || 88′

Release DateNovember 01, 2022
Rating ► [ TV-MA ]

Distributor ► 1091 Pictures (TOFG LLC.)

Noga Pnueli

— CAST —
Scott Michael Foster; Deborah Ann Woll; Kevin Bigley; Michael Waller; Arjun Gupta; Ciara Renee; Sophia Bush.