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Daisy Bea spends her days as a high school librarian, stuck in a rut in both her personal and professional life. As her 40th birthday draws near, she starts to feel pressured to settle down and start a family.

When the art teacher at Daisy’s school abruptly quits mid-term, Daisy takes it upon herself to give West High School students the art program that they deserve. Through her adopted profession, she begins to question the true meaning of parenthood. Daisy, however, doesn’t fancy herself much of an artist.

When she meets the local photographer Jack Palmer at an exhibition, she ropes him into her plan and begins to see a new future for herself.

Days of Daisy

|| 2023 || Comedy · Drama || 95′

Release DateMay 26, 2023
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Distributor ► Good Deed Entertainment

Alexander Jeffery

— CAST —
Jency Griffin Hogan; Bryan Langlitz; Wanetah Walmsley; Maddie Nichols; Lo Graham; Virginia Tucker.