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Chantilly Bridge reunites a group of lifelong, steadfast friends who are still – in their later years — chasing their dreams, fighting injustices, and sticking up for their convictions. The women lay bare their lives and deal with important issues that impact all women with humor, humility, humanity, and love. No topic escapes the razor-like wit and insight of these women: equality, sex, menopause, mortality, feminism, parenthood, careers, love, and even “me-too” moments.

While women often feel invisible in the world, this film highlights who they are and what they care about. We experience what women are truly like and what they discuss in a setting where no men are present. Chantilly Bridge is also about reconnecting with old friends from the past and the beauty of a shared history.

Twenty-five years later, the same brilliant actresses from “Chantilly Lace”, Linda Yellen’s groundbreaking Sundance hit, return to bring their characters to life in “Chantilly Bridge.”

Chantilly Bridge

|| 2023 || Comedy・Drama || 85’

Release DateMarch 24, 2023
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Quiver Distribution

Linda Yellen

— CAST —
Lindsay Crouse; Jill Eikenberry; Patricia Richardson; Talia Shire; Ally Sheedy; Helen Slater; JoBeth Williams; Naaji Sky Adzimah.