Two mismatched entrepreneurs – egghead innovator Mike Lazaridis and cut-throat businessman Jim Balsillie – joined forces in an endeavour that was to become a worldwide hit in little more than a decade. The device that one of them invented and the other sold was the BlackBerry, an addictive mobile phone that changed the way the world worked, played and communicated.

But just as BlackBerry was rising to new peaks, it also started losing its way through the fog of Smartphone wars, management indecision and outside distractions, eventually leading to the breakdown of one of the most successful ventures in the history of the tech and business worlds.


|| 2023 || Comedy・Drama || 122’

Release DateMay 12, 2023
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IFC Films

Matt Johnson

— CAST —
Jay Baruchel; Glenn Howerton; Matt Johnson; Rich Sommer; Michael Ironside; Martin Donovan; Michelle Giroux; Sungwon Cho; Mark Critch; Saul Rubinek; Cary Elwes.